Cooking Strike

The cooking strike has now ended.

You see, hubby has been traveling for a week, so I went on a cooking strike. I don’t know why it is less motivating to cook when he’s not home…but it just is somehow.

Could it be because my daughter is a picky eater…still? Could it be that as long as it’s food my 13 year old son, who is currently growing about an inch a month, will eat anything as long as it’s not still mooing or rooted into the ground?

I did still manage to make sure they had more than one food group. They’ve eaten raw veggies and fruit along with their self-created meals. The entertaining part has been watching my son pull something out of the fridge, consume it…then wander over the pantry, find something else and scarf it down and then look at me and say, “I’m still hungry!”

What I have learned in the last week is that cooking for your family is an effective way to control the grocery bill. My son cost me more this week than it would have cost me had I just bitten the bullet and cooked.

Then again…maybe the cost value ratio of my time taken to cook it should be factored in.

Ha, ha forget that – the relaxation value ratio of my time NOT to cook it was the determining factor…you and I both know that!

So in honor of “sometimes cooking every day makes me crazy” I decided I’d share a quick and easy recipe with you that I sort of invented myself years ago and it’s always been a favorite of my family and is met with cheers when I drop it at the door to a family who is going through a need. (You know, just had a baby, someone sick and can’t cook, or mom out of town!)

Two chicken breasts quick cooked in a skillet w/salt, pepper and enough olive oil for it not to burn, when it looks like it’s going to burn, splash a little water in there, once cooked chop chicken into small bite sized bits.

Add 2 cans cream corned into skillet after chicken is cooked

Make some Stove Top stuffing; prepare as listed on the box

Dump chicken/corn mixture into Stove Stop stuffing and stir well. Place in baking dish in the oven and bake for about 30 minutes.

Very easy…very yummy! Enjoy!

OK, cooking strike over…tonight chili at the Eyster home!

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