Do you like me?

Do you remember receiving notes in elementary school that went something like this…

I like you. Do you like me?

Circle yes or no

Remember the surge of excitement you would get when you realized someone liked you and wanted to be your friend? It was a great feeling then and it’s a great feeling now.

So yeah, I admit it…after less than a week of writing a personal blog I find myself holding my breath each day as I “stop by” to see if anyone has left a comment or become a fan.

Silly, but true.

But, enough about that…what I’d really like to share with you is the ugly explosion that happened in our home this morning. My daughter and I were butting heads because she was late to breakfast (for the zillionth time) and she knows that if she is not totally ready to walk out the door and sitting down with the family by 7:00 for breakfast she doesn’t drive to school.

Imagine her total shock when I was gathering up my keys to drive her and her brother to school. She was not happy with me one bit. She actually could not believe I was actually going to follow through with the requirement. She was in total shock and disbelief. Had I lost my mind? No…had she lost hers?

No matter how much conversation I tried to initiate with her on the way to school she wasn’t having it. Total silence.

Ahhh, the easy thing to have done would have been to let her drive, but then she wouldn’t learn about responsibility, keeping her word and all that important stuff I’m supposed to teach her. Right?

Hey….I wonder….if I could get the above note to her at school today do you think she’d circle yes or no?


When she got in the car after school she smiled at me and said, “Mom, I’m sorry for this morning, I was wrong.” She likes me…and she learned a little something today…I hope!


  1. Jo says

    I can't believe your daughter is a teenager – driving!! My son is 13 – I still can't believe that! I loved your article – just found it, and I circle "yes", too! Keep up the good work!

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