I am Thankful for Laughter


One of my favorite childhood memories of my Dad is of him laughing hysterically. I was very young, but I remember certain evenings when I wanted to be in the TV room to just be with and watch my Dad as he laughed.

I talked with him about this recently and what we realized is that it was when he used to sit and watch Red Skelton. I do vaguely remember Red Skelton…but he was not why I was in the TV room…my father’s laughter is what drew me there.

Flash forward to me being a mom. From the time they were little anything that would make them giggle I would do over and over and over again. There is just something about laughter. Just last night we popped on the TV and my son went straight for what he always wants to watch when we are all together, America’s Funniest Home Video’s. He too enjoys his father’s laughter…I see how my son looks over at him when they are both laughing uncontrollably. It fills me with thankfulness.

Of course when I laugh, they laugh at me because I don’t laugh audibly I just gasp for air, squeak and snort every now and then. It’s not a pretty sight – but it sure entertains the family!

In her book, Symphony in the Dark, Barbara Rainey tells of a special moment between her dying granddaughter Molly and her husband Dennis, Molly’s Grandfather, where medically her “surge” could not be explained, but everyone in the room realized that it was her Grandfather’s laughter that awakened little Molly’s vital signs.

Thank you Heavenly Father for giving us laughter to sooth or weary selves and draw us to each other.

Do you make time to laugh with your children?


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