I Remember

Friend Friday…

I had just dropped my daughter off at elementary school. My toddler son was finishing up breakfast and I was gathering up the “stuff” I needed for the opening day of Women’s Bible Study at my church.

The phone rang and my mom asked in a shaky voice, “Do you have the television on?” I didn’t, I usually don’t. As I walked toward the remote control lying on my green suede couch the next words I heard her say sort of lingered in my ear because it wouldn’t register in my brain. “A plane just hit the World Trade Center and they think it was a hijacking.”

I sat in furrowed brow confusion as before my unbelieving eyes horror after horror was unfolding before me. I started praying and then decided the very best thing for me to do was proceed to church.

Once there I learned that my friend Terri, who’s husband was a pilot was sitting in her car crying and praying as she tried over and over to reach him – she knew he was in the air that day, but was not sure where he was. I thought of my other dear friend Dianne who’s husband had worked at Shearson Lehman Brothers for years, but had recently resigned because he couldn’t take the rat race anymore. How many of their friends were in those buildings?

Today brings us all back to where we were and what we were doing. It should also bring us to our knees as we pray for those who’s horrors were not just seen on a television screen. We also need to pray for the members of the armed forces of our country who continue to engage in the battle that began on September 11, 2001.

I will never forget.

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