I am Thankful for Good Health


Do you ever wonder how you will find time to exercise? Most of us “want” to exercise, but claim we just don’t have the time because our plate is just too full. This is especially true of moms.

I’ve learned through the years that you make time for what is important to you. So maybe the question is not whether or not you have time, but whether or not your health is of importance to you.

I really enjoy walking, running and hiking. What I do on any given day to move my body depends on my mood. I think my switching it up keeps me from getting too bored with any one exercise activity. For me, exercise is about health. Keep in mind that you need to be more concerned about what the inside of your body looks like, rather than the outside. This keeps you focused on health, not looking good.

On those days when I don’t feel much like moving my body I often wonder how many people in this world would gladly trade places with me from where they sit in their wheelchair, or hospital bed or spending long hours laboring to make enough money to feed their family.

If God has blessed you with good health, good enough health to actually get up off of your backside and move your body…why wouldn’t you?

If you are not sure where to start, walking is an amazingly healthy thing to do and is so simple. Are you aware that 30 minutes of walking three days a week will help you maintain good health. If you were to walk 30 minutes a day five days a week you would actually begin losing some inches.

Another quick hint; when the weather is not good enough for outdoor walking, mall walking actually isn’t that bad…I’ve done it. You’ll see some interesting people as you walk – and you will find out early about the best sales going on at the mall!

Yes, good health is a state of mind, but good physical health does require some effort on your part to get your body moving.

Thank you Heavenly Father for good health and the blessing of being able to move my body daily.

Is it time for you to fit good health into your weekly routine?


  1. thehahnhuntinglodge says

    My goal is to walk at least three times a week for an hour! Eating healthy is another part of my healthy way of living. Although, this week I got so busy I did not walk at all. Shame on me.

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