Pat On The Back

OK, so maybe I’m pathetic, but I was looking for a little pat on the back today from someone in my family.

I spent about an hour cleaning out our refrigerator. Yuck, I truly loath that chore. Once again I was amazed at the number of items that had gotten shoved to the back and forgotten about or tipped over and spilled to create pools of stickiness. In spite of everything having a lid on it. Who does these things? How does that happen?

Of course if I were to ask I would receive the typical answer, “Not me!”

I realize that I never should have even anticipated that a member of my family would open the refrigerator door and exclaim with appreciation and excitement, “Wow, the refrigerator looks amazing, like new even…Mom I so appreciate you cleaning out the fridge for the family!”

Ha, who am I kidding? I should have known better. But somehow just writing down that imagined pat on the back makes me feel better.

Who knew writing a blog could make me appreciate myself for a job well done?

I’ll take it!

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