A-hem…Dogs Are Not People!

Take your dog to church…uh…really?

How about take your neighbor to church? Or take the widow down the street, who doesn’t get out much, to church? Or take a homeless person to church…and then to lunch.

Your dog! Really? {sigh}

Now before you go getting all “crazy mad” on me – I like dogs! A while back I wrote a post about the death of our dog, our family pet, and how very sad I was over the loss. But hey, Blaze was a dog…an a-n-i-m-a-l.

When people humanize their pets it…well, it creeps me out. All that love and attention showered on an animal seems to me should be being showered on mankind. Actually, not even mankind – it should be showered on children.

Because you know what I think? I think the reason there are over 140 million orphans in the world, the reason the foster care system is filled with children who need to be loved…is because all those misguided people out there who are showering love on pets were meant to shower love on those waiting children.

And that makes me deeply sad. Oh how our Father in heaven must grieve that children starved for love are overlooked while Fido gets fed from the table, loved on and fussed over each day, and is lovingly tucked in bed each night alongside it’s owner. That owner who even goes so far as to refer to that animal as their “child.”

Again… {sigh}

I’m not off base here…I’m not alone in my train of thought and I would REALLY like you to read this very informative post by Albert Mohler on the subject.

Remember friends, you can love your pets – just don’t humanize your love for them. Love them like an animal, not like a child.

Give your love radically and lavishly to the children in your life, or those in your community or those around the world. That’s who God calls you to love.


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