Meeting Steven Curtis Chapman

If you have not yet heard the CD Beauty Will Rise, by Steven Curtis Chapman, I suggest you go right out and get yourself one.

I just spent this past weekend with Stephen Curtis Chapman, his wife Mary Beth, and several other people who believe in what they are doing through their showHOPE ministry. If you didn’t catch the Orphan Sunday event on November 8th, I encourage you to go watch it now.

I met Mary Beth first. As she bounded over smiling, it was easy to see why she is so well loved by all those who work with her at Show Hope. She was friendly, gracious, and interested in learning who the striking young girl was who accompanied me–that would have been my daughter! (You know how much a mom appreciates others who are interested in her child.) After our little chat, as Mary Beth walked away, I wondered silently how she has managed to put one foot in front of the other these last 18 months.

When you take a listen to the new CD, I think you’ll get a peek into just how she and her husband have managed to survive the loss of their precious Maria.

As we listened with rapt attention to Steven and his special guests–the Children of the World International Children’s Choir–my daughter, along with her father and me, sat entranced by the beauty the music offered to our hearts … more so than our ears. I was struck by the fact that this father who lost a daughter just over a year ago was on stage surrounded by an amazingly adorable assortment of smiling, singing children who no doubt brought to his mind the sweet cheerful singing of little Maria. I remember hearing when the tragedy happened that she loved to sing and they even shared home video of special moments of her singing giggles.

When we met Steven he looked each of us square in the eye, thanked us for being there and smiled broadly, though I did detect a shy shrug as we complimented him and thanked him for our evening. He was quick to agree when we asked if we could take a picture of him with our daughter, a photo that was instantly placed on her facebook page via her father’s iPhone!

As we left, our daughter asked if there would be any way we could go visit Maria’s Big House, the children’s hospital/orphanage that Show Hope built in China. Hmmm … that sounds like a great idea!

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