Hello…anyone home?

The last three weeks have been a blur for me!

We traveled “home” to see family over Thanksgiving and spent the entire week visiting, eating and reconnecting. Whenever I travel back home I purposefully “unplug” from all social media and I must admit it was rather pleasant to not be constantly checking up with things on my blogs or twitter.

Upon our return from all the family fun hubby and I promptly left to go to an event as representatives of FamilyLife and that visit consisted of lots of meeting, greeting and you guessed it…more eating. The event itself was amazing because I met so many interesting people who are working to help save marriages and families!

When I finally did make it back to our home, because I had been gone for nearly two weeks, it seemed everything there and at work was piled up so high that I needed hiking boots to make it to the top of the piles.

Add to that the need to decorate for Christmas and tackle all the items on my December “to do” list and you can probably understand why this personal blog of mine has been lacking in posts!

Sometimes you have to wonder if trips away from home are worth it!?

Especially when you put on your favorite pair of jeans and it seems as if they mysteriously shrunk while you were away!


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