Charitable Judgement in Haiti

I have spent much time lifting up prayers for the people of Haiti and for those working diligently to help them.

In times of desperation and heartache love always wins out – people and organizations step up to help…and help BIG. That is a wonderfully beautiful thing and God bless them every one!

However, it saddens me when I hear all the complaining about what’s “not” being done. Shame on those who are complaining and pointing fingers.

For anyone who has ever tried to organize a massive effort towards anything you know how difficult organizing and mobilizing is and how much time it takes to do it – even under the best of circumstances.

Let’s face it something as simple as a Thanksgiving meal with extended family can become a nightmare to try and coordinate …you know what I’m talking about, right moms?

Effort to do, or help to do anything is generally readily available, but coordination of the effort is where the challenge ensues and where most people can’t offer solutions, they just stand back and judge and complain.

Whatever is not being done, or not being done the best it can be, right now in Haiti is not any one’s fault. I cannot begin to imagine the logistical nightmare that is going on over there. And I’m not about to criticize those who are working hard to solve all the problems at hand.

Municipalities all over this country practice, drill, meet and organize on what to do “if” something major were to happen here and still we’ve seen first hand, through Katrina, that when it comes to a disaster, meeting all the needs that develop in a timely manner is near impossible. Disaster relief takes time. It just does.

So, come on all you complaining people out there – give charitable judgement to those who are doing their very best at a time that things are at their very worst.

I bet your Grandmother taught you, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”

So I. for one, would like you to zip it.


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