Mom Rant!

Okay … if you do not enjoy hearing an otherwise level-headed mom share a little rant you may want to just sit this post out! Realize I’m just venting here, so please allow me to type for a while.
Why am I the only person in this house who will put things back where they belong? Over Christmas I went to get my scissors … not there. I went to get my paring knife … gone. The lighter for the fireplace … missing. Grrrr.

Here’s my big beef—I am certainly not the one who does not put items back where they belong for I have always lived by the rule, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” So, why does everyone ask me where stuff is?

And, the aggravation increases: “Mom, where’s my chapstick?” “Honey, where are my work jeans?” “Hey, where did you put my backpack?” Are you serious? I wouldn’t use your chapstick no matter how cracked my lips were, your pants don’t fit me, and I’m scared of your backpack … it’s filthy! Do they honestly think I have some sort of sixth sense that can determine where they put their stuff?


I constantly find myself thinking I would like to scream, “I don’t know, why are you asking ME?” But, I have been holding my tongue. I am able to not react in anger. At least not out loud. Okay, I admit it, I do boil on the inside and get a bit snarky, with a “how am I supposed to know” or “don’t ask me.”

Don’t think it is my own goodness that is causing me to evaluate my reaction to this dilemma it’s the still small voice inside of my head that keeps advising me not to become a raving lunatic…and to cut it out with the ugly thoughts because that’s just as bad.

Proof once again that a good dose of the Holy Spirit is a rattled moms best friend!

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