Photo Fun

Life seems to tick by so very slowly when I am living through the day before me.

Life seems to be moving at warp speed when I bump into a box of old photos and sit, remember and smile.

How did my sweet, fun, rambunctious children turn into teenagers already? How can I be looking up at both of them as we conversate?

Today’s treasure box of memories proved interesting. The silly grin I had on my face while reliving captured photographic moments of my mom life made me simultaneously joyful and gloomy. I was struck with the realization that days had turned into weeks, that had turned into months, that had turned into years.

Being a mom is wonderful…the passage of years that causes motherhood to slip away from being a 24/7 job stinks – as far as I’m concerned.

Heavy sigh.

I am not burdened by this realization…just letting it settle in and wondering what God has for me in my next season of life.

On a lighter note…I am looking forward to getting to sleep in!

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