Snow Day Fun! (“Fat”)

Ever have one of those “fat” days where you were just daggum happy? I just did! (The “fat” is compliments of my teen daughter…she added that when I walked away from the computer…and no, I was not just insulted – that means “great” in her world!)

We have some fat friends who were traveling out of town, so their four children came over yesterday and are spending a few fat days with us. (More “fat”…compliments of my daughter!)

Last night and today we were hit with a majorly fat ice storm…woo hoo – no fat school! The day was filled with pj fatness, snacks, card games, giggling, x-box games, snacks, ice skidding, line dancing, snacks, loud music (lot’s of Lecrae) guitar playing, laughing, snacks and my favorite…a dance off!

Watching a bunch of kids dance without interest in what anyone thinks of their moves is a very fun thing. Of course my moves caused a laugh or two – but I held my own.

I call a day like this a “memory maker” and that’s my favorite…well, that and smiling! (Love the movie Elf!)

And hey – it shouldn’t take an ice storm for a mom to just stop for a day, set the responsibilities and chores aside and have some serious memory making fun!

Go ahead…have a snow day…EVEN if you have no snow! You’ll have a very “fat” day!


  1. Tino says

    At our house we add "ness" to the end of everything. i.e. sweetness, awesomeness, dorkness…So anyway it sounds like you had a very "fat" day full of awesomeness!!! I love it! oh and love your new site, it is definitely F-A-T! 🙂

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