Help! Random Aggravations

the crack that showed up this morning in my car windshield – what’s that?

broken skateboard sticking out of the ground in my back yard – flower garden no less!

the answer is always, “No, I don’t have any homework.” …how can that be?

our hot tub full of cold water, when it’s 20 degrees outside…really?

son: “Stop it!”
daughter: “Touch me again and you die!”

everyone in this house addicted to “24” … have you been Jacked?

forgetting to return the movie to Redbox (again)

my children’s “your mom” comments

evidently the key to happiness is for me to purchase Xbox Live… not gonna happen

my children’s shoes ALWAYS left in the front door entrance…gggrrrrr

dishes stacked up neatly RIGHT ABOVE the dishwasher…but never IN the dishwasher

teen son who eats, then asks what’s for dinner, then asks if he can have a snack, then says “I’m hungry”, then says “There’s never anything to eat in this house!”

the cat meowing incessantly with claws stuck in the screen window that’s three feet off the ground..

daughter: “Ugh! School was really annoying today”
me: “Your mom’s really annoying today!”
daughter: “I know right!”
me, to self: “your mom” spoken by “the mom” doesn’t work

zero comments on my blog…


  1. Shannon says

    Wow…you peeking into our life! All these are us except the cat…I'm allergic:)

    This made me laugh and enjoy our aggrevations because I'm not alone!

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