Teenagers = Danger To Adults

Teenagers. You have to love them, or you would go mad trying to deal with the mood swings. I mean really, one minute you are enjoying a perfectly yummy salad dinner and having a normal conversation, the next minute you are dealing with someone who thinks you are a lunatic.

So, at dinner last night when my daughter was clearly exasperated with our ineptness as adults, parents, and humans because we were not seeing things her way, my brilliant husband uttered the following:

“Did you know that when teenagers turn 15 they emit a chemical that eliminates all brain capacity of their parents? Really, the parents lose the ability to think rationally.”

My daughter was all over that, she readily agreed and said, “I believe it, that’s so true!”

Then my husband added, “And you know what else, they emit that same chemical at school and the same thing happens to all the teachers!”

Immediately, she shouted, “Yes, I knew it!”

And we ended our meal laughing, poking at each other and recognizing that it takes a little humor to deal with each other as we wade through the deep murky waters of living with each other… when we want to control…and she wants independence.

Come to think of it, we have used humor since she was a toddler. Can you relate?

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