Tiger and His Tale

Did you watch the news conference today?

There stood a somber, serious, wearied looking Tiger Woods trying to help a judgmental world understand his regret and pain.

There stood a deeply concerned husband and father pleading with the mass of reporters and curious onlookers to leave his family alone.

There stood a product endorsing gold mine trying to salvage his name and career.

There stood a sinner who’s ugly sin was exposed to the world.

No matter your take on who he “really” is or his motives, his sincerity or his future…

…remember what Jesus said to the judging crowd murmuring before the adulterous woman…

“If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone…” John 8:7


  1. AliveinMe says

    Last time I looked.. I WAS FAR FROM JESUS….

    I pray he truly feels very wrong. I pray they can truly patch things up. I truly PRAY FOR HER to FORGIVE….whether to make the marriage continue…or just to feel the awesome feeling of forgiveness. Either way… Jesus will bless them both when they start to lean His way… the right way… the ONLY way for true happiness.

    I love you Tracey… so dear-so loving-so caring- OF ALL!!

    In HIS LOVE,


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