Valentine Faux Pas

Hubby ran out to get some groceries a minute ago – which was so sweet, because then I didn’t have to go!

But I certainly managed to almost ruin his day upon his return. I jumped up off of the couch to greet him and in his hand was a beautiful deep pink tulip plant in a decorative pot and I got all excited and smiled and started professing his wonderfulness for getting me such a beatiful flower.

The blank stare, followed by his darting eyes and the growing look of panic tipped me off real quick that I had made a huge incorrect assumption. And, in the process had sent my husband’s brain and heart into a rapid rush of overflow adrenalin. Oops. “What now?” I wondered.

I quickly went into “salvage mode” and said, “Oh wait, that can’t be for me – you gave me my Valentine gift last night! Who’s that for you big sweetie?”

He was shaking his head and saying, “Oh, no…I messed up…oh man!” I continued to insist it was all good, no worries and then he went on to explain it was for his new Personal Assistant who’s first day at work is tomorrow. I again assured him it was really ok and that I thought it was great that he was being so thoughtful and that she would love it.

He suddenly froze, looked at me real hard and said, “This is going to be a blog post isn’t it?”

Obviously, I thought that was a superb idea!

But the moral of the story is, if you have a thoughtful hubby, it is always nice to applaud him when he’s thoughtful to others – a man’s heart is revealed in how he chooses to treat the other people in his life too!

I sure love my hubby’s heart!


  1. Becky Smith says

    Loved the line, "This is going to be a blog post, isn't it?"

    My family has said that to me numerous times–and they were always right.

    I also liked your closing thought about encouraging our husband's thoughtfulness, regardless of who it's directed toward. Great advice!

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