Valentine Ideas for Hubby (please forward)

Valentine’s Day must be a real stress-er for our husbands.

All the advertising pointed at them is trying to sell, sell, sell: Get her a box of chocolate, take her out for an amazing dinner, buy her a diamond, a car … Come on, Buddy, show her you love her by pulling out the wallet.

Uh … excuse me, I do not need my hubby’s wallet to be happy. My guess is, you concur with me on that one.

Most of us just want something out of the ordinary and unexpected to occur as a special little reminder that yes, I am still his Valentine—he still loves me best.

If you agree, forward this post to your hubby (or others you know who need some ideas) and this will be your way of providing a hint as to just what would make a wife’s heart sizzle this year.

I’ll provide some ideas for all those hubbies out there, you add more through your comments, and let’s all get to forwarding this to the men we know who may need a little help giving the right Valentine—One that does not involve a wallet!

•Make a “Why I love my wife” list, and name one item for every year you’ve been married, or one for every year of her life.

•Turn down the bed and put a single mint/candy on her pillow.

•Draw her a bath, put lit candles all in the bathroom, and give her one hour to pamper herself.

•Read something sweet out loud to her.

•Put on some special music and ask her to dance an “up close” slow dance—right there in your home.

•Give her a massage—hand, foot, full body—your choice (or all of the above).

•Write her a note describing all the reasons you married her.

•Clean something in the house you know she does not like to clean.

•Take her hand and pray for her, out loud.

Okay, ladies your turn. List some more ideas in the comment section!

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