Valentine Solution for Hubby

For Valentine’s Day this year I decided to just come right on out and tell hubby the pressure is off! Rather than him sweat it and try to figure out what wonderful thing he could do for me…I asked that we plan the evening together. 
I suggested we invite another couple over to our home for dinner. We’ll set the table with china and have everything all sweet and romantic…our guests will arrive, he and the other hubby will go get take out from a nice local restaurant and wave to all the other couples waiting patiently to be rushed through their dinner. My friend and I will relax and chat incessantly until their return with our yummy meal.

The four of us will then be able to enjoy a long, slow leisurely dinner in the comfort and quiet of our comfy, cozy, home – with refills of everything at our fingertips, romantic music wafting through the candlelit air and a roaring fireplace right in the dining room! Now…that’s a night of quiet romance.

Hubby is excited knowing the evening is something I want and I am excited about the fact that I can relax and not feel rushed at a restaurant. We can enjoy preparing for the evening together and serving each other throughout the night. We are also happy about helping our friends benefit from a night out and then seeing them safely out the door…just moments from their own driveway.

A lovely evening…far from the hustle and bustle of restaurant fanfare.

And…there is something to be said for that much relaxation happening, just steps from the bedroom…or that roaring fireplace! Oops TMI?

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