Hep Something’s Missing!

OK – this is reay wierd! For some inexpicabe reason one of the keys on my keyboard no onger works!

So te me…how does such a thing happen? One minute you are typing away and everything is going simpy marveous and then BAM – your keyboard refuses to type the etter ” “!

At first I thought, “Oh man, I won’t be abe to write a post today!” But my daughter said, “Why not? I think it woud be tight!” So, I figured, what the heck, may as we give it a try!

I must confess I totay ost my train of thought for what I had panned to write so this simpe confusing post, that I am wondering if you wi even be abe to read, is a I’ve got today!

Maybe my computer is reminding me that it’s Spring Break and I shoudn’t be working anyway!

I’m outta here, the sun is shining and caing me outside to enjoy some heat!

 ater, friends!


  1. Abbey says

    This is hilarious! Although I know to you it isn't. Blog away my friend! We can tell what you have to say:D

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