Moms N’ Paintball!

I just spent the last weekend acting like a teenager! I went to a women’s retreat that was held at a youth camp and they offered some primo activities. I was 20 stories high on a zip line, I strategized my way through three rounds of some serious paintball battles and I danced the night away at an 80’s Dance Party! (Oh yeah, headband, leg warmers and the bump – quite the site!) 

I can honestly say…I felt like a teenager. Totally free to be Tracey…not Bill’s wife, not mom, not Mrs. E, not the professional, just Tracey.  It was awesome!

And yeah…God did slap me upside the head several times as I heard some seriously awesome truth from a gifted teacher.  Somehow all the fun increased the intensity of the messaging.

I highly recommend all you moms out there seek out an opportunity to just have fun – be daring, silly, wild and crazy!  Sometimes we lose site of who we are in our “roles” and taking the opportunity to set the roles aside and declare, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is a memory making, and exhilarating experience.

My children stared at me drop jawed as I described my victorious paintball attack and they promptly declared, “Mom…you are a beast!  Next time we play paintball will you be on our team?”


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