HELP…I Have Become My Mother

This morning I was baking a cake. And suddenly I let out an audible yelp! Then the following phrase ran through my panicked mind, “Oh no…I have become my mother!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mother – she’s an important part of my life. I just would prefer not to pick up some of her quirky habits that I have always thought were ridiculous. Just how do you prevent yourself from becoming that which you always thought was ridiculous? 

You read self help books, you learn new things from friends, you get hints from other mom bloggers, you create for yourself a new, more practical way of doing things! Of course, it should be simple to learn new information, change your habits and not repeat the insanity of your mom’s actions. Simply create a new sane method of operation for yourself and your home.

So tell me then, why, why, why was I scrapping, scrapping, scrapping EVERY drop of cake batter out of the mixing bowl to adnauseam!!!

It is what it is…”I have become my mother!”

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