Lesson From a Baby

Yesterday I enjoyed a very special treat! I got to spend much of the day with the nine month old daughter of a very good friend who had a doctor’s appointment.

Truth be told, part of me thought it would be a bit of a stretch to spend several hours with a baby because I have a tendency to be “high task” and somehow manage to fill every moment of every day getting something done.

Well, sweet little Isabel cured me of that affliction.  I am way better off having spent my day crawling around on the floor, chatting incessantly, singing silly songs and exploring every flower, bush and creature that could be found in my yard.

My day was made complete when for no apparent reason little miss Isabel crawled over to me, gingerly climbed her way to a standing position looked me eyeball to eyeball and just paused. As if to say, “I like you, spending time with you makes me very happy.”  Then she plopped back down on all fours and went right back to rattling my sunglasses case.

Imagine my further delight when it was time to go and she squeezed me happily, held on tight and slowly took her time returning to mom.  I thought I was doing my friend a favor by watching her little one, when actually she was doing me the favor!

As I have reflected on my day with Isabel, God has brought to mind that maybe, just maybe I spend too many hours of my day in task mode when instead I need to seek out relationship.

I wonder who needs me to look at them eyeball to eyeball, pause and say, “I like you, spending time with you makes me very happy!”

Something to ponder…and act on.


  1. Anonymous says

    Well … (imagine me looking at you) I like you Tracey,and spending time with you makes me very happy! And obviously you make my daughter very happy too. You are a treasure and our family sure loves you and your family!


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