My Butt Kickin

Oh yeah…I so got my buttocks kicked this morning!

I normally am a walker, jogger, hiker just to keep myself healthy and the blood flowing – and to be OUTSIDE which I so, so enjoy! But every now and then I’ll throw in something extra to challenge myself. Well, I have just found the greatest little something that I think you should try!

Jillian Michaels, the loud and lovely lady from The Biggest Loser, has this great little DVD called the 30 Day Shred and I had my first day of working out with her today.

WOW, what an amazing work out! I have used lots of methods of working out through the years and must say this is the best 20 minutes available! She is masterful at getting the most out of you in a short amount of time and does a great job encouraging during the work out! She didn’t make me cry…not even once – but she did make my buttocks, quads and belly muscles (hidden under all that fluff) ache!

I just kept repeating to myself, “Pain is weakness leaving the body!”

I’ll give weekly updates to let you know if it’s workin for me!

If you have used this work out…do tell, did you shred?

(For the record, while I admire Jillian’s ability to provide a good work out for my body, I would never go to her for advice on life, as I do not agree with many of her views.)


  1. Anonymous says

    I've not tried that workout but LOVE the Biggest Loser for wii. It kicks my butt every time. And Bob Harper is my trainer!

  2. mhutsell says

    I have completed one week of the Shred! Love love love it! I have been looking for something like this for so long. No more than 30 minutes and interval training that includes weights. I feel confident that I will see change! Let me know how you do with it! Melissa.

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