My “L” is back!

It has been a while since I posted – initially it was because my “L” was missing, but I did manage to get my keyboard repaired and as you can clearly read…my “L” is back!  (See my last post!)

Our family just returned from a funeral…that’s another reason why I have been silent for a bit. 

It is amazing how you can be plugging along with your life and  have so many “things” that demand your attention and various “to do’s” that grab your time, but one phone call about a death of someone you love and things and to do’s slip silently into oblivion.

Going through grief and death with others has caused me to spend some personal time reflecting on what I spend each day doing as the seconds tick by in my life.  As a result I have recalled a phrase my husband has used with me many times, “do not let the tyranny of the urgent, pull you away from the important.” I’m not sure if he heard someone else say that, or if he came up with it himself – but I do know that his point is a good one.

Look at your “to do” list today…if this were to be your last week, is that really how you would want to fill the “tick tocks” of your day?

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