Orphan Care Summit

Do you care about orphans?

If so, you would be interested in knowing that at this very moment a group of 1,100 key leaders are gathered together at the annual Orphan Care Summit and these Saints are finding ways to work together to care for the needs of the 140 million orphans in the world. Arm in arm they are seeking solutions for “the least of these.” And as Dennis Rainey likes to say, “they are leaving their logos and egos at the door” in their quest for providing help and hope for the world’s orphans.

I have had the privilege of attending this event the last three years, but this year several “mom duties” prevented me from attending. The energy, the hope and the heart of the people there is contagious.  I miss being there!

Interestingly, six years ago the first Orphan Care Summit was held because one man was compelled to share his heart for the orphan with others…there were a mere 38 attendees. From one man, to a gathering of 38 and now 1,100. Isn’t that just like God to start a movement with a small group of people who will listen to His heart and act.

Do you take time out of your busyness to listen to what God might have for you?

I challenge you to be still and listen, because He chooses regular people to make great things happen.

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