Photoshop Sucks

I just watched this video and it made me want to scream!

Photoshop sucks… the pounds, wrinkles, sun spots, blemishes and natural curves, right off of your body.

At what cost?

The women who view magazine photos are daily being made to feel “less than” because they do not measure up to the women in the photographs. Hey, the women in the photographs don’t measure up to the women in the photographs. Because the photos are NOT REAL.

More importantly we are not designed to measure up to each other. We are designed to be individuals, unique with each bump, bulge, blemish and scar being part of who we are.

The young woman in this video is absolutely beautiful by the “world’s standards” and even she was made to feel that her face and body were not perfectly sculpted.  You could see her squirming and feeling uncomfortable and not “good enough” while she was being photoshopped. Ironic that she was simply trying to bring attention to this issue through knowingly setting herself up for scrutiny and it was even effecting her perception of herself!

This is what we all face daily through media images! But it is especially hard for teens.
This just makes me sad.  And mad.  Please teach your children, and especially your teens, to be comfortable in their own skin and NOT to feel the pressure to be just like everyone else.



  1. Tino says

    I've got battle scars(stretch marks), but I've got the beautiful children to show for them. And I've got angel kisses(freckles and moles) ,but no one else has the same ones I have and that makes me unique, especially in God's eyes. And that is what truly matters right?
    We can always strive to take better care of our "temples" but when it gets to the point where we are NEVER comfortable in our own bodies no matter what we do I believe that becomes displeasing to God. Because He sees us as His beautiful children created uniquely in His very own image and we must always remember that.
    That's my rant about that! hehe
    Love to you,

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