Surrender Your Shoes – for Kids w/out Shoes

This is one of those moments when I wish I had TONS of moms reading my blog…because I want all moms out there to join me in sharing a very practical teaching moment with their children.

Have you ever stopped to think of the number of children around the world who spend every day of their lives barefoot?  At first glance you may think that’s sad, but it’s more than sad…it leaves them vulnerable to disease and injury.  Toms Shoes is asking YOU to go barefoot tomorrow in honor of those tiny heels, arches and toes that wander dirt roads and city streets unprotected.

I hope you are familiar with Toms Shoes – they are a great organization and since their inception they have given over 600,000 pair of shoes away.  How do they do that?  For every pair of shoes you buy from them, they give a pair of shoes to a child.  That is a company we should all want to support by spending our hard earned money with them!

This is your chance mom…teach your children about other children less fortunate than them with a very hands-on practical lesson and go ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES!

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