Book or Blog?

I like books. Always have. Old books. New books. Non-fiction books. Fiction books.

I like libraries. Looking at books. Touching books. Skimming books. Reading books.

I like stories. Immersion into character. Plot lines. Twists. Page turners.

I like real life. Reading about others. Being inspired. Feeling challenged.

Books are filled with words. Well thought out words. Edited words. Re-edited words. Re-re-edited words.

I will always like books filled with well thought out, finely executed and skillfully edited prose.

But it is obvious that interesting communication of thoughts can also happen in short bursts.

I like blogs too.



  1. MomInProgress says

    Was just talking to a friend about the difficulty of find time to read with young children at home. Maybe that's just an excuse, but it feels true. 🙂 When I'm in the car waiting to pick up kids from school, I usually have a magazine to read. Before bed it's a novel, first thing in the morning it's my Bible and a devo, during the day I'm online. Seems like a good mix for now.

    Tracey, I loved your blog about the "Quickie Clean!" I mentioned it on my own blog this morning. Blessings to you!

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