Happy Mother’s Day Cow…say what?

Normally if you put the words “Mother’s Day” and “cow” in the same sentence you might get a kick in the shins from the female you uttered those words to! (OK, the “utter” was bad, but I couldn’t resist!)

However, this Mother’s Day cow is an inspired idea brought to us from Heifer International. If you have never heard of Heifer…well, you need to know about them. It is an organization that allows you to purchase livestock to be given to moms, dads and families in developing countries so that they may have means to provide for their families and contribute to their communities.

I am guessing you do not need another night gown, flower bouquet or manicure gift card – but that mom over in Rwanda who is struggling to provide for her family sure could use a cow to improve the quality of her life.

And hey, if your family budget cannot spring for a cow there are many other less pricey choices from chicks to bunnies. Now that’s something your children could get real excited about giving on Mother’s Day. And in the process you are teaching them to care about others and honor those they love with a gift that provides real help to those in need.

Get mooooving and go check out Heifer International now! (I just couldn’t help myself!)

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