Hubby Noticed Shred Results!

I am writing this post because I was asked to…by my husband. You see, he said something that I turned all around that left him standing, staring and asking, “What am I supposed to say to that?”

The scene is as follows:  I’m in the laundry room, bending over throwing clothes into the dryer, he walks by, slaps me on the backside and declares, “Whoa that’s a skinny little shredded bottom!” To which I say, “Oh great, what did it used to be?”

Yeah, that would be the moment he stood, stared and said, “What am I supposed to say to that? You know, husbands just can’t win, even when we think we are saying something nice, it gets turned around!” Then he shook his head and walked into the bedroom laughing. I was laughing too and agreeing that my comment was off base and then wondered why it flew out of my mouth, even if it was in jest, why was it on the tip of my tongue?

For 33 days I have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and even I know I have been shrinking. Why should I be surprised that hubby would notice and why would I take a compliment and turn it around? Because I think all women are sensitive to their weight and appearance.

I am not getting my butt kicked (and thinned) daily just because I want to look good – I am doing it because I want to be healthy and live a long active life.  Hubby’s comment seemed to narrow all that hard work down to appearance only and that made me get a bit bowed up and defensive. Which is wrong of me, if there’s less junk in my trunk and hubby noticed I need to just appreciate that he noticed! No ulterior motives here, just a simple compliment.

Is he right – is this something we all do? Do you get defensive if hubby mentions something about your appearance, even when it is in the form of a compliment?

Maybe you are better about this than I am – maybe I am just messed up in this area and need to work on it!  Do you look around, behind and through a compliment when hubby gives you one, or do you just accept it and say thanks?

This little laundry room exchange pointed out to me that hubby should not have to “think twice” before handing out a compliment, or in the future he may choose to keep his mouth shut.


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