May Madness Moms

Forget March Madness…for all moms, the madness is in May.

I mean seriously…it’s like every school, church and civic organization tries to fit into the month of May whatever they did not manage to get done previously in the school calendar year.

I don’t know whether I am coming or going. I have this constant nagging in the back of my head, “What have I forgotten?”

Can you relate?

If some resort would wise up and offer a “Mom’s May Escape” package I think they would make a boatload of money and be forever loved by all stressed out May Madness Moms the world over! {Hint, hint!}

“Why yes, I would be more than happy to be your ring leader, cheerleader and #1 spokes woman Mr. Resort Owner person dude!”

Yeah right, like we could step away from home during the month of May…I have gone mad!

(Uh, Mr. Resort Owner person dude – June would work!)

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