Why men should do the dishes!

Yesterday, my hubby and two other men but on a grand Mother’s Day celebration for three families that was absolutely fabulous!

There were 17 guests at the well thought out affair and all were seated at one very long table skillfully put together with card tables and layered tablecloths. The place setting were mix and match China with hand crafted place cards and seats of honor for each of the moms in attendance. Our orders during the flurry of preparatory activity were to sit, talk and do absolutely nothing. We gleefully accepted our orders and conversated happily while fathers and children worked steadily to serve and honor us.

When the dining, toasting and edifying words to each of us came to a close our “before meal orders” remained in place after the completion of the meal. Children cleared and scraped, while men put leftovers away and dove into the sink to tackle doing the dishes. It was during that later chat fest that I made a very interesting observation. They were bonding.

Men should always be made to do the dishes after a family or fellowship event. I overheard some very heartfelt, jovial and downright bonding conversation going on amongst the men as they went about their after dinner clean up.

That’s when it hit me…the reason women are considered relational and men are not is because when women clean up after a meal and do dishes we share our lives and have very real bonding sessions. And traditionally where are the men at that time? Parked in front of a television watching football, or golf, or Nascar.

So…if your hubby doesn’t bond with guys, maybe it is because they just won’t bond if they are sitting and staring at a television. I’m guessing if you don’t tell them why you want them to do the clean up the whole conversational bonding thing might just happen. I am guessing it will make you as happy as it made me!

Oh, and if you can get them to do the cooking too, it makes for a very relaxing event for you!

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