Love, Hate and Jillian Michaels

I am happy to report I am still at it! The 30 day shred has hovered in the confines of my DVD player well over two months!  And I have just about gotten every word Jillian growls at me memorized.

How do I do it? (You sit in wonder and ask.) Sheer stubborn determination… and the idea that the blood pumping so hard through my veins and the oxygen being forced in and out of my lungs will keep me around a long time so that I might someday be a wicked awesome grandmother.  (Planning way ahead here folks.)

The buckets of sweat that pour off of me and the stench that surrounds me after the work out also makes me feel like I”m some sort of Mom version of G.I. Jane…but you won’t see me with a razor in my hand shaving myself bald – I’m not that hard nosed.

The other day my teen daughter walked through the room as I was pounding away at some serious “Rock Star Jumps” (which I hate, hate, hate…double hate and loath entirely) and she said, “Wow, you are still gettin your butt kicked by Jillian? I am so proud of you mom!”

Oh yeah…that was worth every moment of hearing Jillian tell me, “I’ve got 400 pound people who can do this, I know you can – no excuses people.”

Hate her.

Love her.


  1. Melissa Hutsell says

    Still doing Jillian after all these months. Love it. But am now doing her two other DVDs as well. I LOVE the Trouble Zones DVD. It’s all about weights and lunges and squats and the dreaded plank. It is wonderful. Just bought the third one…Boosting Your Metabolism and I like it…not love…but like. All cardio type…no weights. Both of those are 40 something minute workouts and I much prefer the Shred’s 20 something length so some days I cut those DVDs in half and only do one of the intervals instead of repeating them. I still prefer theShred over all but I get bored. I get sore from doing different things all the time and I love that. SO…if you need a new challenge check out the other DVDs.! Keep shredding girl! M.

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