Miley…Seriously? Heavy Sigh.

OK – I avoided it for a month. Sort of how you avoid going to the dentist when you have a toothache…because you know it’s gonna hurt.

I am a Southern girl, raised with Southern values (and quirks) by parents who love me dearly. When the whole Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana craze started I liked the fact that she was sharing good old fashioned Southern values (and quirks) with the world. The show was light hearted, fun, and spoke some decent life lessons into the throngs of tweens and teens that were watching. It also went a long way to help those not from the South “get us” more. Yeah, we might be quirky…but we enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Now, due to the events of the last month I shouldn’t use the word pleasure and Miley in the same sentence because it takes on a whole new connotation. There are new flashes of images that run through my head when I think of Miley because of the space she has now placed herself in – and it is not a space a sweet Southern girl should aspire to fill.

Are you serious? Miley…have you lost your mind? Billy Ray – is this really what you wanted for your daughter? Tish…she’s your little girl, for goodness sakes. It is reported you were there on the set of that music video and you watched the whole tawdry thing play out before your mom eyes…and allowed it? How? Why?

Say it ain’t so. (Southern slang intended!)

I had heard so much about it, and my fellow momblogger (over on MomLifeToday) Dannah Gresh has taken a bold stand to speak out on it, so I felt it was time for me to see for myself just how much Miley has conformed to the world. 

Last night, while my own teens were sleeping silently in their beds I found the music video on the internet and forced myself to watch it. I sat drop jawed as I witnessed the death of innocence…that will lead to the death of more innocence. Many pair of little eyes watch and immulate Miley/Hannah and realizing what they could very well be exposed to…frightening… and heart breaking.

Miley claims to be a Christian, but it seems apparent she has not spent much time lately listening to guidance from the Holy Spirit. I can relate to that, we all can, the further away we get from God the more the world drowns out the sound of His voice and that’s when we falter.

It has also made me all the more determined to encourage moms to be bold in speaking into the lives of their children and not backing down when it comes to the temptations and lure of the world.

We need to all be reminded of a very specific truth found in God’s word.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

  Romans 12:2


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