Six Year Old Shout Out

Yesterday at church the absolute sweetest thing occurred that literally made me cry.

We attend services in “The Edge” which is a more contemporary, edgy and loud worship experience, so in general there are few children in there – it’s mostly their parents who attend that service. But yesterday there was a family with young children sitting right in front of us.

Midway through the initial praise music the worship Pastor asked us to be silent for a moment and think about what words we would use to describe who Jesus was to us. After several moments of silence he softly suggested that anyone who would like to could shout out what word came to mind.

You could softly hear a few words drifting through the quiet congregation of bowed heads, “Savior, Protector,  Friend, Healer, Provider.”

Then from the chair directly in front of me, out of the mouth of a precious little brown haired girl, who looked to be about six years old, there was the loud, clear, full of joy, declaration, “Fadder!”

It was the sweetest word of praise I have heard in a long time…and it cut me to the core.

How many of us need to set aside our troubles, aches, pains, self-reliance and shout to the world that we know we are safe and secure because every moment of our lives is directly in the hands of the one who loves us, more than any other…our fadder?!


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