Wipe Out Laughter

Are there male people in your home?

So, tell me…are they ridiculously addicted to the television program Wipe Out?


I have two male people in my home – a hubby and a 14 year old. I’m not sure which one is the teen when the two of them get their weekly “fix” of watching people being battered, flung about and humiliated while throwing their flailing bodies through the craziest assortment of obstacle courses you have ever had the misfortune of observing. (Wow, what a sentence!)

I find that I have to watch it with them just because I so enjoy the two of them reacting, laughing, clapping and basically revelling in the pain and disgraceful smack down of other humans. During this program our Tivo rewind gets worn the heck out!

I am known for throwing some seriously awesome parties…so if you can keep a secret…I am cooking up a good one that results in those two fellas (and some select friends I’d like to see messy) getting some of their own slippery, muddy, yucky obstacles to slip and slide through.  Oh yeah…they will be experiencing some Wipe Out fun of their own! On a much smaller scale…obviously! 

Anyone have any good “homemade” obstacle course Wipe Out ideas?  Please, do share…

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