Family Reunion

Time marches on.

For me that was easily and eerily obvious this past weekend when I gathered with extended family at a family reunion.

How in the world can “cute little Jackson” be the father of an 18 month old? It literally blew my mind to see him chasing that little guy around the yard. Him a father…really? Wasn’t it just a couple years ago that he was bragging about finally being able to drive? Obviously it was more than a couple years ago!

Then there’s that accompanying nagging thought, “Dang, I must be gettin old!” Say it ain’t so!

I must admit, with each passing year of my life I do enjoy the “I honestly do not give a rip what other people think about me” freedom that coincides with the aging process.

Allow me to provide you with some “age old wisdom” {groaning as I type those words} even if you do not yet consider yourself “aging” such as I do…go ahead and start “not giving a rip” now…it will save you a whole big bunch of needless fretting. And it will make life more fun!

Come to think of it…that’s why an 18 month old runs around in a yard…he doesn’t give a rip and he wants to have fun!

So, right now, blow your child’s mind and join me in a little new found freedom and have some rip roarin fun –  meander outside and run around in the yard for no apparent reason!

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