Tiger the Mean Cat

So…my friend called me and said, “Because we are moving, we need someone to take our cat…would you be willing to? If not,we are going to have to put her to sleep.” Yeah right, how do you say no to that? Pretty sneaky of her eh?

She described the cat as mean and explained that she really won’t much allow anyone to pet her and that she kinda has a tendency to bite.


She also shared that she was one tough cat and had made it through attacks by coyote’s and eagles! Usually animals who have had a rough go of life, tend to be the most moody. Yipes – going toe to toe with coyote’s and eagles would make me a bit hissy myself!

Well…that cat had yet to meet my sweet daughter – who has always had a way with animals.  She has the patience of Job and will painstakingly do what it takes to win over the heart of any animal. And with her consistent kindness it didn’t take long for that mean cat to become a loving member of our family.  She still likes her space, but is always welcoming of a bit of attention and a good scratch behind the ears – no biting here.

I would like you to meet my friend, Tiger!

Got me to thinking about people who I have been told were less than nice, so I have chosen to avoid contact with them. I mean no one wants to willingly set themselves up to get hissed at and bitten.

Do you know someone whose bad “rep” precedes them so you have never even given them a chance?  Could it be they have endured a few attacks in their lives … so they lash out to protect themselves? Could it be that if you showed them kindness and love maybe they would be welcoming of a bit of attention?

Anyway…I was just thinking about that…and wanted you to think about it too!

I challenge you to ask God to reveal to you who the “mean cat” is in your life?

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