A Real Writer?

It may sound a bit cliche’, but I write because I must.

I have enjoyed writing for many years, actually most of my life. I have always written because I enjoy writing – getting thoughts out of my head and on paper.

It has been amazing to me that in the last couple of years what I write actually means something to other people and is featured in publications.  It is truly remarkable to me that what I am writing is changing lives and helping others in their daily lives. More than once I have heard from readers who have said their paths were altered for the better because of a truth that was revealed to them through my words. 

In a few instances my words have literally saved marriages. Do you have any idea what a privilege that is?

The coolest thing of all is when I go back and read something I have written and I don’t have a cognitive memory of writing it – I call those my “Holy Spirit” words! Nice.

I have just been asked to be a Guest Blogger for two different websites and I have to say…I stand in amazement that my words will reach out just a bit further. Makes me smile.

I’m thinking the next time I fill out a form that poses the question, “Profession?” it might just be time for me fill in the blank with the word – Writer.

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