Happy MOMents Quietly Observed

Watching my teen daughter and son playfully “razz” each other about who is “cute” at school!

Teens that still find joy in quietly watching a hummingbird enjoy our feeder.

My daughter folding her brothers clothes he hadn’t gotten to yet.

A rip stick with a broken wheel from over use.

My son declaring that he didn’t want to sit with certain boys at school because they talk crudely about girls.

The childlike enjoyment of ice cream by my two teenagers…rainbow sprinkles and all.

My daughters Bible lying open beside her pillow.

My voice uttering, “Hey, who cleaned the kitchen?”

Horses that neigh and gallop to the barn when they hear my daughters soft whistle.

My teen son “choosing” to watch the movie “Cars” because he enjoys it so much.

The ability to enjoy my children in the “small MOMents” of the day.

(Make your own list of small MOMents…it will help you to find joy in your momlife!)

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