Shred-Pause (shhh, don’t tell Jillian Michaels)

OK, so I started the 30 day shred back in May – I fanatically and obsessively did 30 days in a row (besides Mother’s Day and a family crisis day) and then continued with the thing five days a week for 30 more days. Since that time I have done the shred 3 to 4 days a week since.

Well…Jillian is now sitting in the DVD player…waiting…to no avail.

Yeah, I miss her – even have withdrawal symtoms. But after many days of 100 degree weather, these 68 degree mornings demand to be enjoyed. Walking, hiking, the great outdoors, God’s creation…it’s calling.

C’mon…look at this view!

Jillian and I may start visiting together on a semi-regular basis soon – but for now, with this weather…I’m outta here!

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