Book Club Conversation – Thankful Thursday

Today was a fabulouso day! 

It was book club day with my three wonderful friends who for nearly two years now have gathered at my home each month to discuss our monthly book club choice.  After our many months of sharing our thoughts we have turned the corner and now book club is about so much more than book discussion.

We have shown vulnerability in our willingness to share with each other in a much deeper way.  Calling on our inner selves and how we have been made to think, feel and be.  Pulling from our childhood experiences, educations, work experience, relationships, family dynamics, personal valleys and mountaintops – each of which makes us the unique and complicated women that we see in the mirror each day. 

But I confess that as I start each day, looking in the mirror, I wonder if the reflection reveals who I am on the inside or if the mask I put on for the world is a safer way to “do life” with it’s secure layer of protection.  I am guilty of needing that protective layer more times than I care to admit.  But how sweet it was when I recognized that on this day, with this group of dear friends…the mask lay tossed on the floor…unneeded for this relaxed and revealing conversation.

It’s creating a new sense of wonder in me how the masks of each of my friends so safely affixed each morning has been slowly and steadily being stripped away each month during book club.  Yes, we see each others “uglies” as I dubbed them, but somehow seeing those uglies compels each of us reveal our true, yet broken, beauty.  Subsequently making the mask seem unnecessary and frivolous.  Relationship…sweet.

If you do not have friends that allow your mask to be removed…I strongly suggest you work towards that end. It is quite liberating and most lovely.

I am thankful for my book club friends, dear sweet Jenni, Mary and Nancy.

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