Family Dinners A Good Thing?!

When I read the title of a post featured today on I thought…well, thank you Captian obvious…but maybe it’s not so obvious to some?!

This article title was “Meals Together Can Make A Family Happier” – again…”No, duh?”  And this article gives some great ideas on family meal time that are well worth taking a look at…so go check it out!

I do know lots of families are very busy and do not place having a nightly meal together too high on the “to do” list, but based on my personal experience (and this brilliant article) I am hoping you will feel compelled to now place it on your “to do” list… and high on the list at that!

As the mom of two teens, allow me to reveal to you that there is some serious bonding and sharing that goes on during family meal time.  From the time my teens were “little bitties” it has been an important part of our family dynamic to spend meal time together most nights.  And yes, it really can be done.  During family meal time my husband always asks our children the same thing, “So, tell me something interesting that happened to you today?”  During the school year he usually has to remind our son that it cannot have anything to do with gym or lunch…or he has to come up with two things! 

Our children then flip the question asking time and inquire about our day as well – so they’ve learned to have interest in others and their daily lives.  We have shared serious thoughts at times as well as silly stories and uproarious laughter. 

Most parents have learned the importance of consistency being a part of thier child’s daily life when children are young.  Consistency and routine helps a young child feel safe and know that all is right with their world.

Well, I think the same can be said as they get older – teens like to know that there are some things that are just “what we do” as a family and I think it gives them a feeling of security and comfort.  And many facets of a teens life are everything but secure and comforting – am I right?

If you feel like your schedule will not allow for nightly family dinners, start small and shoot for two or three meals a week and I’m guessing once you do that you will value family dinner time and may slowly manage to make it a priority in your home.

C’mon moms – make it happen because family dinners are a good thing!

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