Family Matters Blog guest

I am thankful for the opportunity Family Matters blog has given me to be a guest post writer for their new blog!

I have been familiar with Tim and Darcy Kimmel for about five years and when I read the books Grace Based Parenting and Raising Kids for True Greatness…I became somewhat obnoxious with everyone I knew demanding that they read the books as well!

When they held a conference in the town where I lived I convinced…er, uh, invited several parental units to attend the event because I knew the knowledge gained would be life changing!

I also passed around a few CD’s to folks…so yeah…I might be considered a stalker fan!

So, when I was asked to be a Guest Blogger for their new blog, Family Matters blog I leapt, I say leapt…at the opportunity!  My first post ran yesterday and it’s a sweet one titled I Miss My Toddlers – no matter the age of your kiddos I think you’ll like the message!

Please go check it out…and leave a comment, even if that’s not something you would regularly do…because it would bless them!  Pass it along to a few others too! 

Let’s help them out over there…and yes, you too, can become a Family Matters stalker!  <wink, wink>

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