College Road Trip

Now that my daughter is enjoying her Senior year of High School I find myself counting the number of days I have until she leaves the nest. Every opportunity to spend time with her is happily embraced and sought after.

So, this weekend when she and I headed out on a college road trip I was excited and looking forward to some serious memory making! And memory making is just what happened, well that and lots of loud music, laughter, deep discussion and stopping the car whenever we wanted to!

I have been learning (with much effort) to spend more time listening and less time talking – something I admit is REALLY hard for me. It seems I have spent so much time over the years in “teaching” mode that most times that is all I want to do. But now that she is a senior and 17 years old I need to learn to be a listener/encourager more so than a teacher/instructor. Or, at least I need to wait until asked to throw my thoughts and opinions out there. There is real joy found in listening to her sort through issues herself and throw in a question to me every now and then.

Honestly, my daughter is wise beyond her years – much wiser than I was at her age. I realize that wisdom is due to the fact that she spends time in the word and has a close relationship with her Heavenly Father.

Be encouraged moms and realize that if you pour into your children’s lives from the time they are young, and point them to their relationship with God that in the long run you will work yourself right out of a job…just in time.

Oh – I know I will always be her mother, but changing over to interested and loving advisor rather than involved and appointed instructor I think will prove to be a welcomed change in roles for me! Now, let’s just see if I really can keep my mouth shut when needed!

The best thing of all – prayer is always needed and I have always been and will continue to be committed to prayer!

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