Dr. Phil…Almost Right

I try to watch some of the offerings made available on television – I think it’s important to know what’s going on in the world even as I strive to remain not of the world.

Not surprisingly, more and more, there are programs I simply cannot view.  Hollywood has sunk pretty low and there are few moral or meaningful programs offered.  I am also weary of unauthentic representations of Christians.  That’s one of the reasons I think blogging is so very fabulous – if you want to “really” know what a believer believes…read her (or his) blog! 

I do watch Dr. Phil every now and then. I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and Dr. Phil receives that same benefit from me.  I can’t quite figure Dr. Phil out as he says he is a Christian, yet some of his beliefs and things I have heard him say are not in line with Biblical truth.

The last two Tuesdays I have tapped the Dr. Phil show and played it back as he is doing some “group therapy” with a group of housewives.  The pain I have seen and heard in that circle of women is disheartening. 

Dr. Phil said something today that I immediately got up and wrote down – I even played it back to make sure I got it right.  It was near the end of the show, after the women had talked, fussed, analyzed, cried, griped, shared, etc. and he was trying to make his big ending point.

Dr. Phil said this to the assembled group of women,   “…get this if you don’t get another thing…unless and until you know who you are, you are vulnerable to what other people say.”

Immediately upon hearing him say that I thought, “Duh…but dude tell them the rest, tell them truth…tell them…until you know who you are in Christ, you are vulnerable to what other people say.”

To take out the element of knowing who they are in Christ leaves his statement an impossible, sought after goal that is entirely unachievable to them as hurting broken women.

Everyone has a God sized hole in their heart that they are looking to fill and they search for things, substances, people (and people’s opinions of them), activities, achievements, etc. to fill that hole.  But the stone cold truth is this – only one thing can fill that hole.

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ that involves daily communion with God the Father and the ability to be daily guided by the Holy Spirit – that’s what would give these women the ability to know who they are – a child of God, loved by God…so much that He sent His son to die on a cross…for them.

Dr. Phil is a good man – it sure would be great if what he offered was Biblical counseling.

Just my thoughts…

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