Kristyn Getty – Music Monday

Well, I just spent the weekend in California with my wonderful hubby and a group of other amazing couples…while there we were treated to the music of Keith and Kristyn Getty!

I have known Kristyn for a couple of years now and I must say she has never looked better! She is expecting and is simply overflowing with joy and adorableness…x 10!  As we chatted and she shared all the excitement and wonder of her pregnancy I was filled, once again, with the knowledge of what an amazing gift life and motherhood is.

She is feeling a bit “blah” as can sometimes happen when pregnant, but it certainly did not inhibit her ability to sing like an angel and praise her Heavenly Father!

I just had to choose one of Keith and Kristyn’s song for Music Monday today…enjoy, and lift up a prayer for the health of Kristyn and her baby!

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