Modesty for Mom

Yesterday I was having a conversation with Shaunti Feldhahn (Yeah, how cool is that?  She was at FamilyLife and I did a video interview with her for MomLife Today.) and one of the areas of conversation left me feeling pretty hyped up and ready to spout off!

So – put your helmets on ladies, here goes!  I’m gonna just say it straight out – we need to be mindful of how we dress and stop dressing like the unjustly celebrated Desperate Housewives!

There I said it.

Think about it for a minute. Have you been swayed by your wardrobe choices by what you see other women wearing and you are trying to keep up? C’mon, you are smarter than that…straighten up and stop looking for attention, in all the wrong ways, by dressing provocatively.

I must admit – I have noticed it.  Have you? I am tired of seeing cleavage everywhere I go – it’s like an assault to my senses. And this phenomenon is not just happening at the local mall – it also happens at local churches.

Shaunti was sharing with me that modesty for women is one of the top subjects she is asked to deal with and discuss as she travels the country speaking. So, her words got me to thinking, wow – if modesty among “regular” women is what she is asked to discuss with captive audience members – seems like we (you and I) should be discussing the issue and pointing out that immodest dress has become an issue…in even the most unsuspected circles.

Let’s all agree to check, and double check, not only our daughter’s wardrobe, but our own when we “suit up” for the day.  Maybe we have just been lulled into complacency and don’t even realize that we are dressing inappropriately.

I also think it’s time for women to lovingly confront other women they have relationships with who are making this error in judgment and ask them if they have considered how their choice of clothing may be affecting the men around them. Yeah, that’s going to be hard – but it needs to be done.

Your thoughts?

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