Seth Godin Approved By This Mom

Like he needs it!

All the same, as the mother of a Senior in High School and a believer in Seth Godin’s marketing guru-ness, imagine my delight as I peeped upon his post today titled, Pushing Back on Mediocre Professors. You tell em Mr. Godin…uh Seth…dude!

As a mother of a child that I was told tested “off the charts” I am all too familiar with teachers who go through the motions. She was once used to actually create standardized tests when a researcher would come to our home and sit and ask her question after question waiting for her to get three wrong in a row, as that was his litmus test on when to stop.  He always got to the end of the questions before she got three wrong – which he told me never happens.

This child of mine used to hide books under her desk and sit and read during class. Upon getting in trouble from her mediocre teacher for such an infraction – she said to me, “They are teaching me stuff I already read and that they taught last year. It’s a waste of time to listen in class.”

I am a substitute teacher – I see it all the time.  Bored students.  (For the record, I see GREAT teachers too…and you know who you are!)

Hubby, a business executive for many years, says in the work force the old adage is true, the “A” students, manage the “B” students guiding them on how to work for the “C” students.  Noodle on that for a bit and it will register with you the personality types of each of those students and why they will ultimately be in the roles described.

So just a little FYI Mr. Godin….Seth…dude…mediocre begins way before college.  

Think maybe that’s why so many are choosing Home School? I’m just sayin…

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